Featured Artists 2020 – Adrian Gray

Featured Artists 2020 – Adrian Gray

Continuing with our series of artists to be featuring on the covers of our collective auction catalogues during 2020, we have chosen the beauty and seemingly impossible nature of balance created by Devon’s Adrian Gray on the cover of the sale to be held on 8th April in Axminster.

Adrian Gray – A Boulder design – 2014 – blue lias stone

Only in nature is there balance, perfect balance.

Adrian Gray is the pioneer of stone-balancing art. He works predominantly with sculpture and photography, exploring the natural world of balance. He creates balancing sculptures using weathered stone which can be fixed permanently in their balanced position to be installed safety in homes, gardens and commercial settings.

He also continues to create his pioneering ephemeral pieces, photographing them in natural locations to capture their transient beauty. These are recorded in his book and collections of prints available on his website. He performs stone-balancing demonstrations where he creates new sculptures on site.

Find out more about this extraordinary man and his creations at stonebalancing.com

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