Down With The Kids

Down With The Kids

How to decorate your child’s room so they love it, you love it and your buyer loves it!

I remember some of the truly awful bedrooms from my childhood I designed that in my nine year old mind were simply fabulous. Then there was the jealousy over my friends even more fabulous fully kitted out ‘Bang On The Door’ themed room complete with frieze and tiny TV.  (If you’re not a girl born in the early 90’s this might require a Google!)

Luckily my parents were spared the standard Barbie and dolphin phases but did enjoy the ‘blue room’ including but not limited to blue carpet, blue tiles, blue ceiling fan?!, blue paint and even some very retro blue door beads. I really liked blue.

This was great until I hit my teens and realised the error of my ways and my parents refused to let me redecorate again. Luckily my sister had a fully chicken themed room to make me feel a little better which I believe she was stuck with until about 15.

Fortunately, we sold our house when I was 16, giving me the chance to save my social status with a brand new state of the art Cath Kidston super kitsch room which was the envy of all my friends who were still rocking some questionable lurid princess sheets.

In reality, no one but the child in question and perhaps their pals like their room and that is only for a few short years. If you’re selling potential buyers can be put off by the added cost of the redecoration and even if you are not selling a superhero room will have to be eliminated one day.

So here are our top tips for creating a room everyone will love:

White is Right – start with a blank canvas. White will work for any age, boy, girl, princess or ninja turtle. It is also cheap and easy to touch up when grubby fingers make their mark and a full re-paint when you come to sell will be a breeze. If you must choose a colour keep it light and neutral a pale pink or grey would be fine but at all costs avoid painting your child’s room in dark colours. I have re-painted a full red wall, it was not fun and I pity the poor purchaser who had to re-paint the blue room…



Wonderful Wall Stickers – what a life saver! In short, peel-able, no mark wall decoration. The internet offers endless designs from huge wall murals, to small bumble bees and everything in between from fairies, to flowers to lions, to glow in the dark nightscapes. So you can add some fun to a child’s room without paint, wallpaper or permanency!



Floor Bore – keep the floor neutral and in theme with the rest of the house. Nothing looks stranger than a lovely light floored house until you open one door and see a sea of cobalt blue (sorry Mum & Dad!) With a plethora of reasonably price online stores you can let your child pick out a rug or two which can help theme the room, keep them happy and keep the floors clean. Star patterned rugs are currently considered cool.

Brilliant Bedding – bedding can change a whole room and is relatively cheap to replace. So every few years as your child moves from dinosaurs, to dirt bikes to denim (all rooms I have seen!) you can simply update their duvet cover to keep them thinking they are at the cutting edge of interior design.



Cool Curtains – similar to duvet covers you can pick up ready-made new curtains online at pretty low cost. However, I suggest fitting some good quality plain roller-blinds to act as the real curtains whilst any cheap drapes you can find act as more of an accessory and pop of colour.



Wall Art – posters are great and cheap. But rather than blue-tacking to the wall where the edges get peeled and dog eared try framing them or using washi-tape on the corners for a cheap alternative.

Let There Be Light! – use this as a chance to theme and accessorise. Opt for a simple light fitting you can change the shade on or spotlights and then plain table lamps that new shades can be fitted to every so often when pink stinks and blue is new.


Accessories – with a white room, the world is your oyster for pillows, beans bags, and funky bright tables and furniture. However, stick to one colour theme and complimenting colours. No one needs pink curtains, orange bedlinen, red rugs and purple pillows.

Where to shop:

A quick Google will give you a MOUNTAIN of amazing options and inspirations but here are few ideas to get you started…

For everything:

·         Ikea kids is on trend and value for money

·         Wayfair (Online only) can pick up some real bargains and there is a huge choice

·         Noa & Nani selling beautiful and unique beds and furniture


·         Cath Kidston is a little pricey but the prints are simply beautiful

·         John Lewis stocks some great brands like Scion which are worth looking at (even for adults!)

·         The White Company for quality subtle prints

·         Zara Home for the most stylish kids in the playground

Wall Art & Stickers

Not on the High Street sells a host of unique and quirky prints and decals

Accessories & Storage

H&M Home sells some totally whacky and fun kids stuff at reasonable prices.


If you have a fab kids room, we would love to see it!

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