Do I need planning permission?
Immy Robinson
By Immy Robinson

November 2017

Do I need planning permission?

If you’re a home or landowner who has never had to apply for planning permission before, getting to grips with the various laws and legislation can be a little daunting. There is a wealth of information and advice out there, but with regulations changing constantly many of the facts could be out of date. Where you live, the age of your property, whether your property is agriculturally tied and what you are considering are all major factors in whether you will need to apply and the likelihood of planning being granted. Having as much information at the beginning of the process can help you avoid a long and potentially expensive process.

 You will need planning permission if you are wanting to:

  • Build something new on your land (freestanding garage or outbuildings with foundations)
  • Make a major change to your property (an extension)
  • Change the use of your land or building (residential to business premises or visa-versa)

Of course these are broad statements and many other detailed rules apply within these and these rules do not necessarily apply to agricultural property and farms.

If your home is listed, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a protected area it is more likely there will be tighter regulations and you should check with your local authority the restrictions before you begin work.

If you do begin or complete work without planning permission then you may be subject to Enforcement Action being taken by the Local Authority which could lead to a substantial fine or being ordered to take down what you have built. Therefore, it is imperative you fully understand what is required of you and the restrictions of your local authority before you begin.

What don’t I need planning permission for?

Unless they have been removed, the vast majority of properties benefit from Permitted Development rights that allows certain freedoms such as the erection of a conservatory onto a house or a new farm building on land – however the rules are complex and extensive and guidance should be sought to ensure that your property benefits from the rights prior to you trying to utilise them.

Who to contact?

Symonds & Sampson have a number of qualified RICS surveyors who are experts in all aspects of planning and development in both the town and the county and can advise you on an extension of two bed terraced house to a barn conversion on a large farm. Our dedicated Building Surveying team can draw the plans for extensions to separate dwellings and can project manage the whole process if required.

Please contact A-J Monro on 01202 88203 or your local office for further advice.

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