Abstract in Australia
Jane Moir
By Jane Moir

November 2019

Abstract in Australia

Our very own Jane Moir, during a recent visit to Australia, stumbled across a rather unusual property!

On a visit to Oz, I came across this extraordinary dwelling in the beautiful wooded hinterland above the Gold Coast. Naturally, one wonders (in the words of Keith Lemon of Through the Keyhole…) ‘who habitates in a place like this?’ Well, not Fred Flintstone as you might expect…

It transpires that this individual property was originally a weatherboard house which has been coated in ‘ferro concreat’ (sic) by Tim Patch, the owner – and it’s still an ongoing project.

Complementing this individual home there is a plethora of half-finished sculptures in the garden (although I’m assuming they were incomplete and not some strange contemporary creations). It would certainly pose a challenge for any brochure description!

However, the more startling claim to fame is that Tim Patch (an ex-pat having moved to Australia from Britain nearly forty years ago) is an internationally known artist and portrait painter. All those of a delicate disposition, stop reading now for Mr Patch is more widely known by his stage name of Pricasso and, yes, the clue is in the name. He paints using his dangly bits and his derriere - a bit of a conversation stopper…

Anyone who thinks that they need to know more (in the interests of research of course) can look on his very informative and image laden website www.pricasso.com!

No, I did not knock on the door so I could see the artist at work – and I most definitely wasn’t going to ask him to sign my autograph book! But he certainly lives in a stunning location…

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