12 Walks of Christmas - Day 5 - Cranborne Chase

12 Walks of Christmas - Day 5 - Cranborne Chase

Today's walk takes us to Wiltshire, where Partner Philip Pollard shares his favourite dog walk in the stunning Cranborne Chase.

My favourite dog walk is thankfully close enough to my home that I do not have to get in my car, and involves walking along the downs between Ansty and Swallowcliffe. 

We set off by walking along a permissive path which runs all the way along the bottom of the downs and, as we walk we go past arable fields which change with the seasons, thus creating an ever-changing landscape to walk along.

We then walk up through some woodland and come out on the top of the downs where we then walk back, enjoying the spectacular views across the northern part of Cranborne Chase, taking in Wardour Woods and other distant Landmarks.

It is always a pleasure to get out into this wonderful landscape and on most occasions we do not see another person on the whole of our walk, giving us a huge space to enjoy without interruption

If in need of refreshment, The HorseShoe  Inn at Ebbesbourne Wake comes highly recommended.

If you'd like this walk to be on your doorstep, take a look at the properties we are currently offering for sale in the local area. 


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