12 Walks of Christmas - Day 4 - Badbury Rings

12 Walks of Christmas - Day 4 - Badbury Rings

Our recommended walk today takes us to Badbury Rings, where Partner A-J Monro takes his dogs for a lunch time run

I often nip out of the office to walk my three dogs at Badbury Rings.  The walk always starts with (subject to there being no grazing livestock) a race by the three of them, followed by a sedate stroll around the highest central ring. From this vantage point, there is plenty to see including Kingston Lacy House, Tarrant Rushton Airfield, Charborough Park Tower, the solar parks near Blandford Forum and many other beautiful sights. You can quite often see a variety of birds from Swallows to Red Kites as well.

From my office to Badbury Rings, once around and back again can easily be achieved in 40 minutes ensuring a break from the office hustle and bustle and giving me sufficient time to clear my head and think through the jobs that are taxing my brain; quite regularly coming up with a solution.

If you'd like this walk to be on your doorstep, take a look at the properties we are currently offering for sale in the area

Of course AJ heads straight back to the office after his walk, but as all the other walks in our 12 Walks of Christmas include a local hostelry, we are told that The Anchor at Shapwick offers a warm welcome! 

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