12 Walks of Christmas - Day 10 - Yeovil

12 Walks of Christmas - Day 10 - Yeovil

Today's walk is suggested by Lettings Manager Trudi Gumbrell, taking in Yeovil's very own 'Central Park'.

Living in the centre of Yeovil I have access to many recreational parks and gardens but my favourite walk has to be Ninespring Country Park and the adjoining Aldon Estate. Frequently likened to having our very own ‘Central Park’ within walking distance of the town centre Ninesprings is an area of woodland, pathways, ponds, streams, springs spanning 20 acres is adjacent to the beautiful undulating grounds of the Aldon Estate.

Whether it is exploring the woods and discovering the many waterfalls, fairy grottos and the ceramic mosaic phoenix embedded in the pathway of one the natural springs or wandering amongst the old cross-country jumps, fallen trees, squirrel spotting in Smith’s Wood or just gazing at the views across Yeovil there is always something new to spot. For those looking for a strenuous stomp with their four legged friends it takes a good couple of hours to walk both areas that are connected by gates at certain points.  The Aldon Estate land is privately owned, so you need to purchase a licence to walk there.  The lease costs £50 per annum and is available from our Estate Management Department on  01935 423526.

At the northern end of the Ninesprings Country Park, you’ll find the Pen Mill Hotel, where dogs are particularly welcome.

If you’d like Ninesprings and Aldon Estate to be on your doorstep, take a look at the properties we are currently offering in the local area.  

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