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Even without the Basic Payment Scheme (see separate page) the occupation of rural property is a complicated affair. Landowners and Tenants face a plethora of legislation and regulations resulting from the intervention of politicians, legislators and administrators both at home and in Brussels. Not only do we have the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and The Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 to contend with, but we have separate legislation dealing with milk quota, the environment, occupation of farm cottages, Health & Safety and many other rural issues.

As ever it is the Chartered Surveyor's role to have a broad knowledge of all relevant legislation and to be capable, with the assistance of lawyers and accountants, to fully and properly present and argue the client's case. As a result we continue to advise landlords and tenants on rent reviews, succession, in-going valuations and land disputes. Those same clients together with owner/occupiers also rely on surveyors for guidance on a broad range of legal and financial issues. Our advice is regularly sought for the creation of partnerships, share farming agreements and tax planning, as well as the less happy times of bereavement and divorce.

Despite the many changes we have witnessed over recent years, the British countryside still exists and requires ever more careful management. The emphasis of rural land management is shifting, with greater emphasis being placed on conservation and the integration of farming with environmentally friendly systems. Symonds & Sampson LLP believe that a strong agricultural industry remains the keystone to both a prosperous and vibrant countryside, and we are here to provide knowledge and expertise on a wide range of matters that will be of immense importance.

Symonds & Sampson LLP can assist with:

  • Rent Reviews
  • Succession
  • Ingoing and Outgoing Valuations
  • Farm Business Tenancies
  • Contracting Arrangements
  • Share Farming
  • Grass Keep Arrangements
  • Rural Planning
  • Environmental Grant Applications
  • Rural Estate Management
  • Farm Valuation and Tax Planning


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